WCHA Board of Directors


President, Benn Sherman
Public Works Director, Town of Uxbridge
PhoneL 508-278-8616


Vice President, Matt Stencel
Highway Superintendent, Town of Sutton
Phone: 508-865-8743


Director, Alan Tetreault
Highway Surveyor, Town of Mendon
Phone: 508-473-0737


Director, Nick Repekta
Highway Foreman, Town of Shrewsbury
Phone: 508-841-8513


Director, David Smith
Highway Superintendent, Town of Berlin
Phone: 978-838-2898


Director, Butch Jackson
DPW Director, Town of Sturbridge
Phone: 508-347-2515


Vendor Director, Dave Capelle
Highway Rehab Corp
Tel: 508-208-8467
[email protected]


Vendor Director, Katherine Boshar
CN Wood Co., Inc.
Phone: 781-759-4175
[email protected]


Immediate Past President, Scott Crisafulli
Highway Surveyor, Town of Milford
Tel: 508-473-1274
[email protected] 


Past President, Sean Divoll
DPW Director, Town of Oxford
Tel: 508-987-6006
[email protected]